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Volunteer Jobs and Donations Needed

At the Meadowlands Museum

The Meadowlands Museum is the only museum striving to PRESERVE THE HISTORY of the Meadowlands area of New Jersey.  We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that is totally run by volunteers, and are dependent on donations, memberships, and a few grants for covering our expenses.  We require help in our efforts, which involve more and more of a relationship with the whole Meadowlands area community.  Many of these tasks can be accomplished at home, but we do request time to meet for group participation.  Volunteers sign in for all in-museum participation so time can be accounted for for college or work resumes or community services, if needed.  

We need Volunteers for the following positions:

*Fundraising Associates - to be an active part of our GoFundMe campaign... raising funds for the matching part of our grant for exterior repair to our building.  

* Publicity and Promotional Assistants - to write articles regarding the museum and helping to get these articles placed in local newspapers and on social media 

*Docents - to be trained to give tours of the museum on occasional Saturdays and for special group tours. 


* Museum Exhibit Coordinators - to undertake research, hands-on creative assistance for upcoming in-house museum exhibits.  

* Traveling Exhibits Assistants - to undertake research for museum items, to help with the assembling and installing of our traveling exhibits in area libraries.  (Drivers with cars are appreciated.)  

* Special Events Assistants - to assist at in-museum events such as our Chocolate Tasting, August Craft Days, Scarecrow Days and to assist at our booths at local summer and fall community events.  

* Collections Assistants - to learn how to catalog and care for museum items.

* Grants Associates - to help with researching possible grant opportunities.

* Website Newsletter Editor - to collect and report museum news for an online newsletter

* Museum Store Associate - to help with the organization of our Museum store; and to help with online sales of de-accessioned museum items.  Computer/IT knowledge is needed for online sales help.  

* Office Assistant - to help with office filing.

* Gardeners - Planting of flowers, weeding, watering and caring for the Museum garden areas. 

* "Build our Brick Patio Committee" members - including designers, building, and social media work. 

For high school and college student volunteers, the Meadowlands Museum is very happy to work with your academic supervisors to ensure that your volunteer time can qualify for academic volunteer hour requirements.  

For those that don't have a lot of time to volunteer, the Museum would always welcome donations of the following items to help our operations:

  • Gift cards to Staples (which we will use for toner ink and paper)

  • Solar lights for the garden. 

For anyone wishing to volunteer or make one of the donations above please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at  Thank you.  

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