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Traveling Exhibits

The Meadowlands Museum serves all of the towns within New Jersey's Meadowlands area.  One of the ways that this is done is with Traveling Exhibits which are installed in display showcases in the various libraries of the area. 
Current Traveling Exhibits:
  • North Arlington Public Library - Beaded Bags​
Prior Traveling Exhibits:
  • Hasbrouck Heights -  Antique Toys, Dec. 2, 2019. Although not technically part of the Meadowlands, this was installed by special request​
  • Johnson Public Library of Hackensack - Pre-Electric Kitchen, installed September 7, 2018
  • Lyndhurst Public Library - Antique/Vintage Cameras, installed August 8, 2018
  • North Arlington Public Library - Made in America, installed April 17, 2019
  • North Bergen Public Library - Rocks and Minerals, installed February 1, 2019
  • Secaucus Public Library -  Antique Beaded Bags, installed July 5, 2018 
Any Meadowlands Community Library that has a locking showcase and would like to have a Museum exhibit for a three month display can call the Museum (at 201-935-1175) or email us at to discuss the exhibits that are available and a schedule for set up and display. 
Pictured below are past displays of our traveling exhibits:

Current Exhibits


Antique Beaded Bags at

North Arlington Library


Recently Ended Prior Exhibits


Antique Toys at

Hasbrouck Heights Library


Made in America at

North Arlington Library


Rocks and Minerals at

North Bergen Public Library

N. B. Geology 5 copy.jpg
N. B. Geology 1 copy.jpg

Antique Toys at North Arlington Library

Antique Toys 1.jpg
Antique Toys 2.jpg

Antique Cameras at Lyndhurst Public Library

Dolls 2.JPG

Antique Toys at North Bergen Public Library

Antique Beaded Bags at Secaucus Public Library 

Beaded Bags 1.JPG
Beaded Bags 4.JPG
Beaded Bags 2.JPG
Beaded Bags 3.JPG
Minerals 2.JPG

Rocks and Minerals at North Arlington Public Library

Minerals 3.JPG

Pre-Electric Kitchen at

Johnson Public Library of Hackensack

Hackensack 4.JPG
Hackensack 1.JPG
Hackensack 2.JPG
Hackensack 5.JPG
Hackensack 3.JPG
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