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Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy 

The Meadowlands Museum Board of Trustees has adopted the following Diversity and Inclusion Policy related to all aspects of it's operations.  
Meadowlands Museum
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement
Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Meadowlands Museum
on March 8, 2023
Diversity Equity and Inclusion at the Meadowlands Museum
The Meadowlands Museum celebrates the diversity of this unique region and the diverse groups of people that have lived in the Meadowlands. We aim to include histories of people of all races, religions, and economic backgrounds that have contributed to the history of the Meadowlands. Our goal is to reflect these valued histories as part of our exhibits on display and included in historic talks given through the Museum. It is our aim to include diverse historic perspectives of the Meadowlands Region, and we ask our Board of Trustees, members, and volunteers to support us in this goal. We are also committed to providing a nondiscriminatory Board of Trustees and volunteers with equitable treatment for all. 
To provide leadership within the organization and historic information for the community that is inclusive and ensures all voices are heard, the Meadowlands Museum strives to:
  • See diverse histories as part of our mission to include and connect to the Meadowlands community,
  • Dismantle inequities in our process in terms of adding volunteers to our body and members to our Board of Trustees, and to continually reevaluate this process,
  • Explore and address potential assumptions and/or systemic inequalities in our process that may interfere in creating an equitable environment,
  • Commit time and resources to include diverse histories in our exhibits,
  • Commit time and resources to include people of diverse backgrounds to our museum staff and Museum Board, and to consult on Museum projects, and
  • Practice respect and tolerance within the organization.
We are also taking the following actions to promote diversity and inclusion at the Meadowlands Museum:
  • Practice and encourage transparency in communicating through our exhibits at the Museum and within the organization,
  • Creating transparent policies within the organization, 
  • Develop learning opportunities at the Museum that explore a broader range of diverse peoples and historical events,
  • Develop a system for including members to our Board that is intentionally aware of possible bias,
  • Document and measure steps towards more diversity in our historic material and efforts towards greater equity and apply this in a way that will encourage and continue that growth, and
  • Connect with the surrounding community in ways that support inclusion and equity for all voices. 
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