Current Rotating Exhibits:

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From Edison's Phonograph to Streaming: 
The History of Music and Sound Playing and Recording Devices
and New Jersey's Role in its Beginnings.

From Edison's wax cylinder records,
To flat disc records and record players,
To radios,
To stereo systems with speakers,
To reel to reel tape recorders, 
To cassette tapes and compact discs and MP3 players,
To smart phones with wireless headphones,
To streaming technology
- This exhibit traces the history of sound equipment.   

Come experience the memories of your listening history, and what things looked like before you started listening to recorded sound.   

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Opening April 9, 2022

"Original Artwork of Historical Rutherford buildings and the Meadowlands" 

Thirty-one original paintings and drawings - many never before seen by the public pulled from our archives .  Some painted in the late 1800s.