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Permanent Exhibits:

From Edison's Phonograph to Streaming:
The History of Music and Sound Playing
and Recording Devices and 
New Jersey's Role in its Beginnings

  • From Edison's wax cylinder records

  • To flat disc records and record players

  • To radios

  • To stereo systems with speakers

  • To reel to reel tape recorders 

  • To cassette tapes and compact discs and MP3 players

  • To smart phones with wireless headphones

  • To streaming technology

      --- This exhibit traces the history of sound equipment.   

Come experience the memories of your listening history,

and what things looked like before you started listening

to recorded sound.   

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William Carlos Williams Memorial Room

WCW Memorial Room:

 This room is dedicated to the life and work  of noted poet/doctor William Carlos Williams.  He was a life-long resident of Rutherford and served the community as a Pediatrician for 50 years. He also became an internationally recognized poet and distinguished writer.  His poetry is still studied today and continues to influence young writers.

Our collection includes some of his medical references and equipment as well as items and photographs from his personal and family life.

Pre-Electric Kitchen 

The pre-electric kitchen display shows item from a typical household kitchen from about 1910 including a cabinet, coal stove, ice box, and many implements that would have been common in the day.

Geology of the Meadowlands Region 

Our display of geology in the Meadowlands region includes rock samples of the various types of formations found in New Jersey. There is a relief map of New Jersey showing the areas where different types of formations occur (mountains and valleys) and an interactive display of samples from the area showing where they are found. Also a display of mining in northern N.J. with a showcase of fluorescent or “glow in the dark” rocks under UV light.

Rocks and Minerals Exhibit 2.jpg
Rocks and Minerals Exhibit.jpg

Historic Dolls & Toys

Discover girls and boys toys from around the turn of the century, the likes of which were used here in Rutherford at that time. 

An exhibit specially curated by our Collections Manager, Dora Rodriguez.

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