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As a non-profit institution, the Meadowlands Museum relies heavily on the generosity of the surrounding community. Through memberships, sponsorships, and donations, we are able to continue to educate the public and preserve the history of the Meadowlands area.

The Meadowlands Museum asks you to consider helping to preserve our region’s history.  Your gift, either a one-time or monthly gift, will be put to good use to preserve and exhibit our history. 

The Meadowlands Museum hosts school tours to educate our children of how people lived in the Meadowlands area in the past, and is open to the public most every Saturday of the year.  In addition the Museum hosts a series of zoom history speaker events throughout the year where experts share aspects of our Meadowlands area history with the public—no matter where you live. 

Your donation will help to keep the Museum stay open and functioning. The Museum is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that began its operations in 1961.  It is housed in one of the oldest Dutch farmhouses of Southern Bergen County.  It is managed and operated 100% by volunteers, and it operates only with funds from memberships, donations, grants and fundraising throughout the year. 


If you think that it is important to preserve our history, if you are curious about what was here and who lived here before your family arrived in the area, and if you can give even a small amount, your history--our history--can be preserved for the future. 

All donations provide Museum member status, and are tax deductible.  You may also indicate whether you want your donation to go to operations of the Museum or to our ongoing capital campaign to repair the exterior of our historic building.  


No matter what level of support you provide, we thank you for your efforts to keep our history alive.  

o   $25.00                                     And please feel free to send us a note to 

o    $50.00                                    indicate if you'd prefer your donation be

o  $100.00                                    applied to operations or to our ongoing 

o  $250.00                                    capital campaign.

o  $500.00 

o  Other Amount __________             

Donations made by check should be sent to:

Meadowlands Museum

91 Crane Avenue

Rutherford, NJ 07070

Or use our electronic payment option via the PayPal button below.

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