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Current Rotating Exhibit:

Black History in Rutherford and the Meadowlands Area 

On display from Mid-January until mid-March - the Museum's rotating exhibit will be devoted to the history of African American's in Rutherford and the Meadowlands Area.  The exhibit features:

  • The Hoage Family - the first Black family to own their own home in Rutherford in 1868

  • Slavery in the Meadowlands Area 

  • The Underground Railroad in northern NJ

  • Segregation of Housing in Rutherford until the mid 1960s

  • The Rutherford Civil rights Commission (begun in 1964 as the first local Civil Rights Commission in NJ

  • Notable African American Residents of Rutherford

  • The Murray Hodge VFW Post 453, and

  • The Tuskegee Airmen from Rutherford.

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